Kelowna, BC Counselling Services



Aurora Borealis, also known as the northern lights is a great depiction of how Borealis Therapy strives to deliver counselling services.

Have you seen the Aurora Borealis? The light so strong, serene and beautiful … they can be seen dancing or playing happily and can also be seen as quiet, almost still and humbled as they share their story in the night sky.

We are all born with an innate light, inner strength and beauty. As we walk our journey, we walk through many challenges and learnings. Like the northern lights in the sky some days our light can be bright, light and happily flowing, other days our light can be hard to see, as if not there at all.

Renee’s approach in supporting individuals, stems from her belief that we all have an inner light. Within our inner light is incredible strength and resilience. Sometimes as we walk our journey, we encounter challenges that overcome our own sense of that inner light and at times we cannot see, remember or believe it still exists.

Renee’s role is to create a safe environment, provide support, guide and empower individuals as they embark on finding their light within!

Borealis Therapy is dedicated to providing services that are culturally safe. Borealis Therapy's focus is to guide people to find their inner light, foster growth and create new possibilities.